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Dogs, Sushi and Grading's
by Gwyn Mowll

Yes, I suppose I'm a “doggie” person now.

As you all probably know by now, Pat and
myself have had our old age enlightened by
the arrival of a bonkers, energetic, full of fun,
bundle of fluff. Medi's prime role in life seems
to be nosing around in bags and pockets to
see what she can steal. Tissues, missing
socks, T.V. Remote controls and slippers can
always be found in her basket and I'm forever
singing that song from the musical “Oliver” -
“You gotta pick a pocket or two”.

It seems that it's not just our dog that has made such a change to my usual
routine. The March grading could not be held at our usual venue in Caernarfon
because there was a Dog show there and they had booked the hall first. Arranging
a grading is difficult enough, and without many suitable venues on offer in our area,
I panicked. Emma Hughes, to the rescue. She booked Maes Glas in Bangor for us,
however, she did warn us that there was major refurbishment and building work
going on there. The night before Sensei's arrival, more panic. The weather forecast
was snow!

But the forecast was miles out and the Friday was nice and sunny. Sensei and
Stewart arrived early and we had time for a cup of tea and a penguin or two before
setting off to train at the Sakura dojo.

We take the dog to obedience classes in the hope that her boundless energy can
be channelled into more useful activities and that we can have some peace and
quiet every now and then. We also try to train her not to jump up on people and not
to run around the house like a manical demon on speed. As soon as Sensei
walked in, Medi looked at him, then looked at me. Somehow she instinctively knew,
that here, was someone, who would be allowed to do what he wanted without
being told off by me or Pat. I could see that glint in her eye as she started to plan
major “bonkers” behaviour. Sensei was no better I'm afraid; I could also see the
very same look in his eye as he saw the dog. One - “Hello little doggie, hup, Hup
Hup.” from Sensei and it was “Silly Billy” time.

I hope we don't have to hand the “obedience rosette” back to the Dog club...

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