Page 6 - Shomen May 2014
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Training at the Sakura dojo that evening was fantastic. Sensei's lesson
concentrated on extreme hikite before mae geri. Once again I was on the receiving
end of Sensei's kicks. Perfectly controlled, yet, I could sense the awesome power

The shower afterwards was so good. We got changed and then headed for The
Jade Village in Menai Bridge. Remember, all that Stewart and Sensei had to eat all
day was a cup of tea and a biscuit. I love the Jade Village. The staff are so friendly
and the food is amongst the best that I've ever tasted. Harry, the owner is such a
nice chap. When I was dithering with the order he suggested.

“Gwyn's order is so boring! Why don't you let me do the ordering for you? “

So we left it to Harry. He was right, the food was so tasty and Sensei enjoyed all of

Saturday, the day of the grading, we arrived at Maes Glas.

Uhh Ohhh ! Where's the entrance?

As I said earlier, there was major refurbishment and building work going on there.
Little did I realise how “major” this was. The biggest problem was that I didn't
realise that due to the building work, there was no reception area to “hold” the
students and their parents before entering the hall.

Looking back, I should have booked the hall from 8am so that everyone arriving at
9am could go straight in and not have to wait till 9:30. However, we managed and
Sensei gave another master class.

The first session was for Green belts and above. We concentrated on the upward
tilting of the iliac crest before mawashigeri and the loading of the Jiku ashi before

The second session for yellow belts and below was also a fantastic lesson. I
wonder if everybody realises how lucky we are to have such a talented and famous

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