Page 7 - Shomen May 2014
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Emma Hughes had arranged a room for us to have a spot of lunch at Neuadd
Reichel nearby. Catering was done by Bridget (Dave Lloyds' wife) and it was spot
on. I myself was really looking forward to her delicious egg and cress sandwiches,
but “somebody” had dropped them on the floor on the way in. I can't tell you who it
was, otherwise Lloydie will accuse me of dropping him “in it” again.

Pat had made sushi that morning. Sensei loves them (so does Stewart). Pat also
has those little plastic bottles shaped like a fish for filling with soy sauce. Together
with the wasabi paste and the sushi ginger, they taste wonderful. She also makes a
bento (picnic box) for Sensei to take home with him. I have heard from Stewart that
they stop off somewhere on the way home and scoff the lot . LOL

The New Hall in Maes Glas is not as big as the hall in Caernarfon. I noticed that as
I saw the place start to fill with candidates and spectators ready for the afternoons
grading examination. A bit of a squeeze, but we managed. The grading proceeded
like the well oiled machine that it is and everyone had their chance to strut their

Of course, the higher you get, the more demanding Sensei is of high standards and
some people were not successful. This can be a positive thing really as it makes
one more focused and more determined to pass next time. That was what hap-
pened to Owain Hunt from Sakura Karate Do Caernarfon at the last grading. This
time however, Owain was successful and was awarded his Black belt by Kawasoe
Sensei himself.

Pat and myself arrived home absolutely exhausted and dying for a cup of tea.
Whilst we brewed up, I jokingly remarked.

“I wonder if Sensei and Stewart have stopped off somewhere to scoff the Sushi?”

Pat put her hand to her mouth and went:

“Oohh no, in all the confusion at the end, I forgot to give Sensei the Bento!”

So we had some sushi with our cup of tea.

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