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Welcome back to “Shomen”.

It's been a while and a lot has happened since the last issue.

Mainly that we have many more Dan grades and some are now JKA dan grades
having been graded at last year's Edinburgh Summer camp by Kawasoe Sensei,
Mori Sensei and Naito Sensei.

In this issue we bring you some stories about how some of you started your Karate
Journey, as well as an account of how we gained ten more JKA Dan grades, Siwan

now being Fourth Dan JKA , Hawi, Julian, Emma and Arwel now being Second Dan
JKA and Ian, Glenn, Jessica, Melen and Catrin now First Dan JKA. What an
achievement. When we go on courses, we are looked after and entertained by
“Taid” (Tim Fraser Jones). It's always a laugh and you end the evening with your

sides hurting from laughing so much. So especially for this issue we collared “Taid”
and asked him for some of his best jokes. Relax and have a laugh with our new
page called “Jokes Taid”.

I was also privileged to read and edit part of Dave Jackson's reminiscences about
his karate experiences and how he got involved in karate. Very interesting reading

and I hope to be able to read the completed account some day.

We also have a report from this year's annual memorial Championship along with

the photo's and the results.

Finally a word to all of you who love and appreciate what all the instructors at the
WTKF do for you and your kids.

“PLEASE SUPPORT. Please tell everyone about us. How professional we are,

how it's all voluntary and costs are minimal yet the standards are excellent.
Encourage new members to join. That way we can keep on going and keep
giving you what you enjoy so much. - First Class Traditional Karate.”


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