Page 2 - Shomen May 2016
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Welcome back everyone, Once again we have another edition of “Shomen” for you
detailing the success of yet another Peter Hughes Memorial Championship and
more inside info on all that has happened.

Sadly, in November we lost a “Real Character”- Franco. (We never knew his real
surname as Franco would adopt another every now and then.) I have written a
short tribute and an “englyn” in memory of this colourful character.

We continue with Dave Jackson's reminiscences about his first lesson in karate
and about how he felt starting this lifelong journey. Dave now lives in Sweden and

Pete lives in Australia. Poles apart but still part of “the family”.

Another year has gone by and we have yet more Dan grades to add to our ever
growing list. Read all about them in this issue.

We also report on the fantastic achievements at this year's annual JKA Afroeurasia
Championship in Blackpool.

Once again we were honoured to attend a fantastic course led by the very popular
and knowledgeable Sensei Stewart Brown. Sensei Stuart Brown, who has been
Kawasoe Sensei’s right hand man and confidant for over 30years. Something that
comes across in the training.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Shomen.

And remember...

… keep Training... See you in the Dojo


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