Page 4 - Shomen May 2016
P. 4

by Dave Jackson 4 Dan .

After the class had ended all the
newcomers were completely exhausted.

The first lesson was a confusing blur of
commands and shouts in Japanese mixed
with pauses for explanation.

After briefly being shown what I would
later learn to be Jodan , Chudan punches and Age uke and Soto uke blocking
techniques we spent most of the lesson doing 5 step kumite changing partners
after every set, Kevin shouting KOTAI !! and whoever was ‘encouraged’ to run to
the opposite end while the rest of the line facing Shomen moved up.

After the formalities at the end of the class, Dave asked Gwyn if it would be OK if
he and Pete sat in a watched the advanced class. Some of whom had already
started coming into the dojo and limbering up in their own time. It was strange
how a strange tension filled the air, almost as if some impending doom was about
to fall upon the place. Gwyn said we were welcome to watch and showed us
where to sit.

The next thing that happened was something the brothers were not expecting.

Ok, Rags !!! came the shout. Gwyn now leading the class. All the assembled
karateka produced old rags and lined up right in front of where Pete and Dave
were sitting. Rags on the floor in two hands, hips driving them forwards as the
entire class raced from one end of the dojo to the other cleaning the floor. Pete
whispered to Dave ‘What is going on?’

After the rags the class lined up in grade order, the black belts nearest to us.
There were no children in the class, about 10 black belts and lots of brown belts
and just a handful of lower grades. A total of about 40.

After the warm up which was far more intense and difficult than we beginners had
done ....... it started.

Gedan Barai.... Hajimme ! Bang, as one unit the whole class moved fast and
strong into the first stance.
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