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Then followed something which quite literally blew Dave’s mind...Sanbon
Tzuki ..ichi , ni , san , chi , go !Taaiiii !!The Kiai of real karateka . Dave looked at
Pete and gulped.

From Gwyn the instructor no chit chat , just instruction all in Japanese.It sound so
complicated and alien Dave thought someone had transported him to another

world.Uchi uke, kizami tsuki gyaku tsuki , Soteuke, yoko empi, uraken
gyakutsuki,gedan barai uraken gyakutsuki,shuto uke kizami mae geri , nukite !


In a flowing motion the class moved backwards performing what I would later learn
as the dan grade syllabus. The brothers could not comprehend how the long

commands were remembered seemingly automatically by the karateka. The
speed and power of the skilled black belt karateka training nearest us seemed

almost super human yet effortless, automatic and rhythmic. He had never seen
anything as impressive in his whole life......(but at that point he had not trained with
Kawasoe, Shirai, Naito Kase etc..)

The lesson continued with a steady count from Gwyn and simple instructions,
mostly in Japanese terms. The karateka needed no motivation , to be there, with
those people in that environment was more than enough.

‘Look Dave , they are doing that 5 step thing we did.’Pete whispered again.

‘No Pete , WE didn’t do it the way THEY are doing it, look how fast and hard they
are going, they are trying to kill each other , I can’t believe they can block in time !!

Kotai (Change ) Kotai (Change ) partner after partner changed. The quality of the
black belts apparent as they often caught a lower grade with a controlled punch in

the face or a slightly less controlled thump in the stomach. There was plenty of
‘motivation’ from the senior grades.

The floor became a slick of sweat with the odd drop of blood here and there as the
class drew towards its end. The higher grades seemingly coping much better with
the pace of the lesson than the lower grades despite moving faster and with more
sharpness than the now weary brown and coloured belts.
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