Page 6 - Shomen May 2016
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So that is what the ‘atmosphere’ at the beginning was all about.

After the warm down and dojo kun at the end of the class Gwyn came over to the
brothers, clearly invigorated and charged from the lesson.

‘Alrights lads , what did you think?’

Dave was still gobsmacked and didn’t say a word. Now THAT is unusual.

Pete said that he was really impressed and we would be back for our second

lesson on Thursday.

‘Glad to hear it ,’Gwyn said chirpily as if that past hour and a half of madness didn’t

just happen. ‘I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, don’t go doing anything
stupid like buying a karate suit until you are sure it is for you though, a lot of people
drop out.’

‘A lot of people drop out ?’ Perfect Dave thought, not me.

When the dojo had calmed down the brothers walked out into the cool evening.
They had walked down to the dojo as it was only a stones throw from their parents

house. The sun was going down but it wasn’t cold.

Dave turned to Pete now that they were out of earshot of any of the karateka from
the advanced class and asked a life changing question of his brother. ‘OK , what

did you REALLY think of that?’

The answer, simple but effective, just as his karate would one day become.
...........‘We’re doing this.’

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