Page 2 - Shomen May 2017
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Hi everybody and welcome to the ninth issue of Shomen.

2016 was not kind to us at all as we lost Eryl our great friend and colleague. I
had known Eryl since 1980, trained beside him all those years and accompanied
him on many an adventure. His passing will be a great loss to the Associaton,

the club and to all who knew him. I hope that you will allow me to share within

these pages the eulogy that I wrote and read out in his funeral.

But tme moves on and the associaton and the clubs are stll going and full of
talented youngsters, now is their tme to shine and here we can celebrate their

successes in gradings and the championship.

We also as usual give you the inside informaton about what happens when

karateka go away on courses. Not just training you know. Here you can read all
about the Edinburgh adventure last August.

What to give for that “Special Birthday Present” ? Find out here about how

generous we can be.

The memorial championship had an additonal award this year.
The Eryl Williams memorial award is awarded to the karateka who exhibited

the style of karate that Eryl would have been most pleased with.

You can fnd out what happened when you read the artcle.

We would also like to thank our sponsors without whose generous

contributons this event could not have taken place.

We hope you enjoy this editon of Shomen.

And remember...

… keep Training... See you in the Dojo

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