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Obituary Eryl Williams 1954 – 2016

The eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Today is the day we remember our Heroes,

and Eryl was indeed a hero.

I frst met Eryl when he joined the Gwynedd Shotokan Karate club way back in

1980. That was 36 years ago.

He was part of a beginners course that also included another dear departed
friend of ours; Pete Hughes.

At the tme I was only a brown belt and Alun my brother was
only a 6 Kyu.

We hit it of almost immediately and became the closest of friends.

We hit it of almost immediately and became the closest of friends.

Good words those for Karate people, don’t you think ?

hit it of almost immediately

I have been training in Karate for over 40 years now and must have faced
hundreds if not thousands of opponents during that tme. By some kind of

miracle, I’ve only been put in the hospital by 4 people. Strangely enough,
those four are here today. There’s Paul over there, (we’re stll friends by the

way) then there’s Siwan, (Nice one Siw) and of course my LOVING adorable
litle Brother Alun who’s done it lots of tmes. The frst tme I believe was

when he was 5 years old and nearly cut of my ear with a metal fsh slice.

(You know, one of those things you turn a fried egg over in the frying pan)

Alun did this because I was sitng in a chair reserved for his imaginary
friend ..Selwyn. (I’m stll worried about Alun)

And the fourth and last one of course was ... Eryl. As he LOVED to tell

everyone in front of the class when he was teaching. “Doesn’t mater how big
they are , litle ones like me can put them on their ass, like when I put you in

that Ysbyty Gwynedd ehhh Mole ??
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