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Eryl loved karate and when he frst trained with Kawasoe Sensei back in 1987,

that was it, in his eyes there was no other master. He loved the kihon and
strived for that smoothness in transiton that he loved so much in Kawasoe’s
karate. We both sat an exam for our 3 Dan together in 1992 and then our 4
Dan in 1996. Eryl achieved his 5 Dan at the Edinburgh Summer camp in

He was always full of fun and said exactly what was on his mind. He loved to
play tricks and pull our legs and got a lot of that in return as well.

One thing he always did, was give nicknames to people. For the rest of us it

was a game, guessing who on earth he was referring to. I remember once
there was this guy that Eryl called “Yr Eryr” (The Eagle ) . Eryl said it was

because this bloke had a tatoo of an Eagle on his chest. When we looked
closely we saw that it was indeed a.. TIGER. (Not an Eagle) -Too late, Eryl had

already Crucifed him.

I know I should have said Baptsed and not Crucifed, but Eryl always got it
wrong. He always said Croeshoelio (to Crucify) not Bedyddio (to Baptse). It

seemed so appropriate somehow.

That bloke was called “The Eagle” for years afer.

Sometmes without warning, a nickname would suddenly change and we

would be lef wondering what the link was so we could fgure out who on
earth Eryl was referring to.

For example, Huw over there, started of as “Y Bioden” ( the Magpie). Imagine

how confusing it was when Eryl mentoned “Y Bluen” (The Feather).

On a course in Edinburgh there was a Karate man that always used to show of.

Because of his hairstyle and funny gait, Eryl nicknamed him “Norman


Afer every session we would get ..
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