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“Well did ya see Norman Wisdom going through his stuf this morning?”

“Who does Norman Wisdom think he is?”

“Ohh dear, Norman Wisdom was at it again today”

Then one evening we got..

“That Jimmie Crankie gets on my nerves.”

We all looked up puzzled..Dave Jackson asked.

“Who’s Jimmie Crankie ?”

Quick as a fash Eryl answered..

“Well Norman Wisdom of course.”

Afer leaving school, Eryl started an apprentceship as a gardener and then
went to work in the constructon industry. He always kept his love of gardening

and together we also shared an interest in growing Bonsai.

He had a wicked sense of humour and kept us entertained for hours on long
journeys to and from courses.

One tme, Eryl, Dave Lloyd and myself went to a Bonsai show in Stratord Upon
Avon. The show was held at a stately home and the “cream” of the Bonsai

world including some very rich people were there.

Eryl wanted to buy a big pot for his prize pine tree.
We got to the show, and Eryl went round measuring up various pots ( and

dismissing them as "rubbish!! - What M M M colour do you call that Chief “? )
Untl we came across some pretentous poter who just happened to have an
ideal pot outside his stall. So this famous Poter looks at Eryl like he has just

seen something crawl out the woodwork. Eryl whips out his tape measure, sizes
the pot up and asks

"How much for this one then Chief?"

The Poter looks like he has just been slapped with a wet cod, recovers and says
in dreadfully far-back tones

"Oh , that one is not for sale ..Sir" with a BIG emphasis on the "Sir"

Eryl, completely undaunted says

"Well what’s it doing out here then Chief?"
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