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Dave and I had to lean against each other because we were laughing so much.

At that show a VERY Famous Bonsai Guy had a Bonsai Pine called "Matsu".

Probably best Bonsai in the UK at that tme.

"Matsu" was displayed on an antque oak banquetng table. Afer admiring
"Matsu" (for indeed she was MOST lovely)

Eryl said... "Fantastc tree, BUT shouldn't be displayed on such a nice oak
table as it could scratch or damage the wood." I hope they have plastc
underneath or the damp may damage the polish.”

As he spoke, the Famous Bonsai Guy walked in to loud applause from about
30+ admiring crowd.

He had one of those plastc pump up water sprayers flled with water and he

proceeded to spray "Matsu" and in the process covering the Antque table
with water spray.

LOUD AND CLEAR For all to hear Eryl piped up with.... "OHHH YOU DUMB ."...

Dave Lloyd and me were halfway to the car park before we heard the rest.

Eryl was a man who worked hard all his life and had a very strong work ethic.

One day Eryl turned up for work at 07:30 on site and couldn't start work untl
an inspector had inspected excavatons. The Inspector turned up in his car at

08:30, took out a fask, poured himself a cup of tea and opened up the
newspaper. Eryl was out of his digger in a fash, went up to the car and

knocked on the window...

"Oi CHIEF, what do you think you are doing"?

The Inspector said . "Having my breakfast...why?"

Eryl's answer...

"I've been here since 7:30, get of that car before I pull you out and get down

that hole now and stop wastng my tme."
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